Harpeth Rising’s music is best described by listening to it. But if one had to say something, it would be: What the folk, there’s no guitar?! How can you call yourselves a band?

 To help you further understand our music, we’ve included a(n) FAQ section:

 1.   What the hell is a Harpeth? Our name is based on the relatively obscure little river outside of Nashville. It kind of represents how we feel about our place in the music world.

2.   Why don’t you play the harp? Because we never learned how.

3.   Is that a wee tiny little girl bass? No.

4.   What are your songs about? Your mom.

5.   Who drives the tour van? You mean the tour Prius, clearly. We just click our heels together, and voíla. 

6.   Will we ever meet Jordana’s dad? Depends. Do you have any survivalist materials you’d like to trade for biodiesel and/or a male goat?

7.   Why don’t you get a real job? We’ve been assigned to monitor musical trends on this planet by an inter-galactic space agency based in the Cartwheel Galaxy. We are paid handsomely in stray dogs and macaroni and cheese.

9.   How old are you girls, (because you look like you could be in high school)? We [women] are too old to be asked, and have you seen high schoolers these days, anyways? It's hardly a compliment. 

10. Will you play for my birthday party? Absolutely.