A change is gonna come / by Jordana Greenberg

Dear Friends,

As we head eagerly towards Spring, the season of change, we’re heading into some changes of our own here at Harpeth Rising. By now, all of you have surely seen the beautiful pictures of Chris’s amazing baby girl, Nancy. She is almost 18 months, and every day does something new and extraordinary. And so, as we can all understand, Chris needs to be there to see every moment. For Harpeth Rising this means starting in May, we will begin our new touring life as a trio! Chris has been (patiently) teaching us to play the drums over the past few months, and we can’t wait to show you all how we continue to incorporate the percussion that is a core part of our sound. Chris has contributed so much to our development as a band and while we will miss playing with him, he will always be a part of the Harpeth Rising family.

We can’t tell how much your support means to us, and we hope you will continue to support us as we rise to the next level!

All our love,

Harpeth Rising