Don’t you just love it when a band simply gets better and better? Well, the latest album from Harpeth Rising proves this is a band steadily exploring boundaries and finding there are none unless made by themselves, a band maturing into harpeth rising cd coverits music, making it emphatically their own and continually developing along the way. Following on from ‘Tales From Jackson Bridge’ they release ‘Shifted’ … and quite simply, ‘Shifted’ is unique in every way. There’s the lusciously constructed harmonies, the inventive edge that pulses through every track and the unexpected direction changes that keep you enthralled, combined with an ability to blend folk, bluegrass, classical and rock and leave no visible joins.

Opening the album ‘I Am Eve (I Am The Reason)’ makes obvious their skilled harmonies and ‘touch’ with a melody, moving into the emotive lyrics and lingering melody of ‘Fortune’ they change step into the hypnotic beat and vocal acrobatics of ‘Good Ideas’ … and throughout, the originality these ladies bring to their music makes its presence felt. The fascination with ‘Shifted’ continues through the expansive ‘Rollin’ To You’ telling its tale of longing and journeying, while the deeply moody vocals, engrossing lyrics and haunting tune make ‘The Raid’ supremely engaging

Choose words to define this latest album – progressive, creative, innovative, imaginative - they all describe what’s on offer from Jordana Greenberg, Rebecca Reed-Lunn and Maria di Meglio. Alternatively, don’t attempt to categorise their ingenuity with words, take the shortest route, immerse yourself in Harpeth Rising and let the music carry you with its flow.
— Tim Carroll, FolkWords
A new album by Harpeth Rising is always a treat but this time around they really take rising seriously. Making the kind of record that just can’t be made these days within the system but needs to be made more than ever, the insightful lyrics and genre fusing music take this back to the time when music was a religion. Very mature young people music, ring leader Jordana Greenberg must be some wild kind of old soul because this is something special for young and old. Taking Newgrass to the next dimension, taking back lyric writing as an art form, if you’ve cleaned your ears out recently, this set is going to blow your mind. Step up to the challenge and see if you can handle something this meaty that goes down so easily. One of a kind, in a class by itself and simply superlative throughout. Miss out on this at your own risk.
— Chris Spector, Midwest Record